Who Runs TWM?

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I am Matt George, the guy behind TWM.

I am a teacher by profession but a learner by nature.

My resolution for the year 2021 was to develop my knowledge and skills. Thus was born this blog.

Talking of 2021, how are you doing dear reader? I know it’s a crazy world out there nowadays. That damned virus has upended the planet. People are distanced, faces are masked, and spirits are dampened.

But it need not stay that way forever. I believe that we can overcome all obstacles – we just need to pull ourselves up. This blog is part of my efforts to do exactly that. The Write Matters is a collection of writings on topics that matter for a better tomorrow. Hence the name – 😃.

Here you will find writings on education, books, technology, travel, food, and a lot more!

Maybe some of these topics would interest you too.

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